Though I am quite grateful for not having school, these last few days have been boring. I have not left my house except for maybe two times. When I first heard school was called off on Monday night, I was not at all happy. Yes, not happy! I was supposed to have my AP Physics 1 exam that day and I had been very prepared to take it. I heard a rumor Monday that the makeup days for AP exams were supposed to be in June. Then, I discovered that the rumors were just rumors. The makeup days are May 17-19. However, I leave May 17 for New Mexico. There are makeup makeup days at the end of May, but again I will be in New Mexico. I was very overwhelmed because I thought I was physically not going to be able to take the exam without pushing back my trip. This trip had already taken weeks of meticulous planning that I did not want to undo. Then, I realized that I should maybe research and see if University of New Mexico actually accepts the Physics 1 exam or if it is beneficial for my major. After probably 15 phone calls on Tuesday, I discovered that I, in fact, did not need to take the exam. I need a higher level, calculus-based physics course to satisfy my major requirements. I am actually quite relieved because I know that I have mastered the information and that I can apply this to my future physics courses. Now, I only have two more exams!!



I am sure this is most likely the topic of everyone’s blog this weekend, but I am sure everyone’s prom experience was quite different. First of all, how horrible was that weather!! I remeber last year’s weather was absolutely georgeous. My friend and I wore plastic garbage bags on our head to protect our makeup and hair. It was a pretty hilarious site. Initially, my group had planned to take pictures at the Jewel Box in Forest Park, but the interior is only open from 9-11am and clearly we could not take them outside. Our second plan was to take them at my friend’s stepdad’s airplane hanger. Yes, you read that correctly. He owns an airplane. It was quite interesting taking pictures there surrounded by planes. The pictures all turned out very nice. The best part though was just goofing around with all my friends. After pictures, we drove directy to prom. We got there way too early so we had to sit around and eat for a while before we were able to dance. My friend Kyle and I tried to get the dancing going earlier to no avail. Still, when the dancing started, it was so much fun. They played a myriad of music, some of which I didn’t know. I probably took two breaks throughout the night to get water because my friends and I were just dancing obnoxiously from 7:30 to 9:55 (yes they stopped the music five minutes early). The most exciting part of the night was that one of my good friends Taylor won prom king!!

Two weeks and four days

Yesterday afternoon, I finally was able to get a hold of the volunteer coordinator for my internship at Santa Fe National Forest. I had multiple lingering questions for the logistics of this summer. We talked for about a half an hour. It was so exciting to discuss what I would be doing over summer. First, she told me that I would be issued a government car to utilize for driving to the trail heads and to town to pick up supplies and groceries. I thought I was going to have to rely on the other park rangers, but this way I have a great deal of flexibility. In addition, the cabins that we are staying in have a full kitchen with a fridge, stove, etc. I love to cook and try different recipes, so I am excited that I won’t be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday (which would not necessarily be a bad thing). Also, the cabins are at 8000 feet which will, without a doubt, help me acclimatize for future hikes at high elevation throughout the next couples years. The downside is that there is no cellular reception at the cabins. I expected this, but it will be difficult contacting my family throughout the summer. The wilderness rangers also mimic what professional rangers do on a regular basis. Essentially, we are out in the bush for eight days repairing trails and then we get six days off immediately after to do anything we want (not anything, but close). The coordinator said she will always have jobs for us to do if we would like. I will probably take her up on the offer many times, but during my free time, I plan to explore the beautiful areas surrounding me. My goal is to find a swimming hole. Anyway, I can hardly contain my excitement as shown by the fact that this subject is the main topic of every one of my blogs.

Our Earth

Climate change. Just a year ago, I felt that I had the ability to talk freely about this subject. Now, with our current government, I do not feel this way. The United States promises freedom of speech to all citizens and inhabitants, but denying and attempting to hide scientific evidence is not aligning with our values. If the United States were to fully devote its resources and commitment to remedying the damage that we have caused, the world would surely follow. We are the global leaders; the older sibling that every country looks up to. Now, as we move back to policies that are no longer relevant, we are slowing the process of remediation. This is a topic I could talk for hours upon hours on, but I will hold back my opinion to save the reader’s time. Two things have inspired me to write this blog. The first thing that inspired me is the Science March on Earth Day. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but I commend those who took the effort to be activists. From the articles I read and videos I watched, it looks as if the march showed a great deal of participants. I hope that these brave efforts will be recognized by the government and even small actions can be taken to improve the course of following scientific fact. The second thing is that I recently began to watch a new show on Netflix called Bill Nye Saves the World. I assume that most remember watching this exuberant scientist in elementary and possibly middle school. Well, he is back! This show is geared, not towards elementary students, but towards adults. He talks about the political, environmental, economic, and scientific implications of issues concerning climate change. He presents varying opinions and clear evidence as he comically speaks about the issue we are facing. If you have not already started watching it, I wholeheartedly recommend doing so.

Less than a month

I truly cannot believe it, but my life is about to change dramatically in less than one month. On May 17th, I leave for New Mexico for my internship. I then return the day before graduation, graduate on May 23rd, and then leave again the next day to return back to New Mexico. It will be rather hectic, but I am beyond excited. I have bought most of my gear and I am now packing because I know I won’t have much time around AP Exams. I am flying there for training from May 17th to May 20th due to the speed requirements. On May 20th, I have some extra time to kill in Albuquerque, so I am going to visit UNM and potentially talk to some of my professors and tour the dorms. I may even take a quick hike if I have time!! After graduation, though, I am riding the train back to Santa Fe National Forest because it is loads cheaper and there is no time constraint. It takes nearly a day to ride there. I am sure I will keep myself occupied with reading and watching movies. I am used to long travel periods from flying to Australia. After riding the train there for my internship, I will go back to Albuquerque for college orientation in July (so convenient that it is so close!). Then, I return back to St. Louis in August for just four days before leaving AGAIN to, this time, drive to Albuquerque for college. I am not buying most of my college dorm room supplies until I get there so we can save room in the car. I’m sure that it won’t take too long to pack everything. I have been slowly getting things together over the past month and making a list to get prepared.

Senior Day

When the decision was announced to go to Six Flags for the Senior Field Trip, most of my friends were less than enthused. I, for the most part, did not care whether or not we went to Six Flags or not because I have been so many times. It also is so expensive to go there. So, my friends all decided we would skip the day and do something around St. Louis instead. A little backstory: my friends are horrible at planning anything. We always make last minute plans and end up changing them when we get to a certain place. We had initially planned to have a picnic in Forest Park, but come Tuesday night, no one was prepared. So, that night, we planned to go to the St. Louis Creperie and Coffeehouse in Clayton. I had never been so I was most definitely excited to go. The food and coffee was delicious and the atmosphere was very chill and welcoming. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has not yet been. During our initial planning the night before, my friends and I had decided that we were going to the Zoo and walk around Forest Park. Half of my friends wanted to do this and the other half thought it was boring. The latter half wanted to go to the City Museum instead. I was in a dress and sandals, so clearly I objected. My other two friends who objected are over 6 foot, so they would not have been able to fit through all the tunnels easily. Nevertheless, we all started driving to the City Museum. Upon arriving, it was extremely busy because some Parkway Schools were having their senior field trip there. Also, parking was very expensive. So, some of us turned back. Then, my friend called me and said she had gotten into a car accident. Long story short, we all ended up back at Forest Park and just walk around the green space around Art Hill. It was wonderful to just spend time and talk with my friends even though it was a hectic day!!!


This weekend, my family and I are heading up north to Monroe (which is a very small town in Northern Missouri) to visit other family. We have gone here to visit multiple times, and it usually is somewhat fun sitting around and talking to everyone. Other than that, there is not much to do there. I think the city is having an Easter Egg Hunt which will be exciting for the kids. 

On another subject, I took nearly all my last tests for my classes this week. It seems like it is too early to be doing so, but I looked at my calender and we have only 39 days until graduation. My first AP exam is two weeks from Monday. I honestly don’t mind studying for AP exams too much because I usually take the studying at a leisurely pace. Still, it will be so nice once they are over because I don’t have any finals to take. School will essentially be pointless, but I know I have to go so my grades stay where they are (frustrating but that is life). 

My mom and I are currently at my brother’s lacrosse game at Fox High School. I don’t really know how lacrosse works but it is quite entertaining to watch. It is so strange because their elementary school, middle school, and high school are all on the same campus. Personally, I think that would be beyond boring and monotonous. The school is also the size of my middle school. While Marquette is very crowded at times, the large number of sudents ensures everyday is interesting!